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Restore your video metadata, prepare for YouTube spherical playback

Inject 360 video

VRfix is a premium app designed to save you time and hassle for producing 360º video. If you want to shoot and edit spherical video in a mobile workflow and publish to , then VRfix is for you. With VRfix you select a 360º video, one click reinject video metadata, and save the file to your device. You're then all set to upload to YouTube with the peace of mind that your video will play back correctly with available spherical controls. Learn more about the VRfix app for 360º metadata injection.

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Why inject?

Because what matters is the meta.

Without metadata injected

Without video metadata injection the video on YouTube suffers a flat 360 effect

Without correct metadata YouTube displays 360 degree filmed video as an equirectangle without spherical controls. Viewers will be unable to interact with the video by swiping, rotating their smartphone, or viewing in Cardboard.

Because you appear to be viewing this page from a mobile we're showing you a GIF. To really appreciate the effect of metadata injection, check out this ‘flat 360’ sample video from the YouTube app.

With metadata injected

With video metadata injected the video on YouTube is viewable as a spherical video as intended

With correct metadata YouTube displays 360 degree filmed video as a sphere that you can swipe with your finger, click and drag your mouse or move your smartphone to view a different perspective, sometimes referred to as a ‘magic window’.

You're seeing a GIF because we've detected you're viewing on a mobile (and YouTube embeds would not fully work as intended). So to really appreciate the effect of successful metadata injection, check out this spherical video on the YouTube app.

What does VRfix actually do?

It does exactly what it says on the URL.


Select a video for VRfix to load. Choose an equirectangular stored on your device that you've completed editing.


Reinject video metadata. Relax for a moment while spherical goodness is restored to your video.


VRfix saves a copy of your video, with metadata reinjected, to a folder in your device. Job done.


Change the default folder locations VRfix selects from, saves to, and the Giphy that displays after injection.

Reinject video metadata

and carry on #mojo360

Select video

Select a final video edit from your device that is ready to be metadata injected. Use the file picker to select a file. Upon selection VRfix will load the file so you can proceed with injection.

Inject metadata

One click inject and relax while VRfix does all the heavy lifting. Don't worry, it won't take long and you won't feel a prick.


Settings and Help

Change the folders VRfix works with on Android. Modify the term used by Giphy to generate a random GIF after successful injection. Get support, peruse the FAQ, or tweet @VRfix.

File info

This is the video file VRfix last selected and where the reinjected file was saved to.

Smartphone metadata reinjection

Built for Android and iOS.

Why mobile?

Video is increasingly being consumed and produced on mobile. A plethora of mobile editing apps now offer the #mojo story teller a huge array of options to get their story out there.

#mojo on Twitter

Booming 360º video is becoming easier to film and share.

No desktop needed

VRfix is ideal for when a desktop editing workflow is unnecessary. You don't need to be a journalist champion to use VRfix. Just edit your film on your smartphone and inject. Job done. You're all set to upload to YouTube.

  • iOS
  • Android


Frequently asked questions

What is VRfix?

VRfix is an app to reinject video metadata for equirectangular video.

Whos is VRfix for?

Anyone who wants to reinject video metadata from a smartphone.

What is equirectangular video?

Equirectangular video is also referred to as VR video, 360 degree video, and spherical video. Imagine for a moment map of the world spread on a classroom wall. That is a classic equirectangular representation of a world globe. Now imagine that globe again as a hollow sphere with you inside the centre of it. Equirectangular video is the inside surface of that sphere with video projected onto it.

Can I film 360º video on my smartphone?

No. The only way to shoot 360º video at the moment is with multiple cameras arranged in an array or using a special 360º camera.

What do I need to film spherical video?

Spherical video is often filmed with a multiple lens configuration of GoPro cameras. The footage from each camera is then stitched together to form a 360 degree video. Other cameras have a single button operation of a dual lens device such as the Ricoh Theta S, Samsung Gear VR, Kodak Pix Pro, Nikon Key Mission 360, and the LG 360 Cam.

Why do I need to reinject?

Spherical metadata properties of equirectangular video are often lost during editing. Without this metadata, YouTube does not currently detect your video file is 360º and it will not serve the video with spherical playback controls.

Your video will be unfurled like a map of the globe onto a flat rectangle viewport. It will appear as a flat 360 video on YouTube.

How do I use VRfix?

Here's a step by step video how to use VRfix to metadata inject 360 video.

Does VRfix work on any video?

No. VRfix is only suitable for valid 360º produced video. It will not convert normal, flat video to spherical video.

Does VRfix alter my video?

VRfix will not edit your video in the strict visual sense. It will reinject video metadata and prompt you to save it to a folder in your device. Your original video will remain as is. VRfix will append a suffix and time stamp to the video file and save it in a folder named vrfix to your device.

Does VRfix upload my video to YouTube?

Nope. It does not.

What's happens when my video metadata is reinjected?

VRfix will confirm injection is successful. The final screen confirmation will display a precomposed tweet with a random gif.

Do I have to tweet to finish?

Nope. VRfix does not authorise to your Twitter account. You are free to tweet or not as you please.

Can I change the GIF?

Yes. There's a default value in Settings of success. You can change that to any term you like. A random GIF is generated from the term each time VRfix successfully reinjects metadata.

What happens to my video?

VRfix stores the reinjected metadata video file on your device. The location of this directory is vrfix on Android and will be displayed on the main screen after reinjection.

Video on iOS is stored in the Photo Album labelled VRfix which the app creates.

VRfix does not rotate with my device, is that a bug?

VRfix works in portrait mode. At the moment. It's not a bug. This is a BUG. Please do tell us if you see any others.

How long does metadata reinjection take?

The duration for VRfix to reinject is dependant on the processor of your device and the filesize to inject. During reinjection VRfix will display an animation as the process initiates. Don't panic if your device becomes unresponsive for a few moments during reinjection.

What devices does VRfix support?

VRfix is designed for and tested on:

  • Android
  • iOS

Note, VRfix also supports iPad 2 tablets.

How does VRfix work for iOS?

VRfix creates a VRfix album in your Photo Library on iOS devices. Injected video by VRfix is stored within this album.

When I upload spherical video to YouTube after injection by VRfix, my video is still not spherical. What's happening?

They are different ways to upload video to YouTube with an iOS device. Some upload methods will not preserve the video metadata.

The only way to successfully upload spherical video to YouTube and preserve the metadata is by using the native iOS YouTube app, clicking the upload video option and selecting the correct thumbnail.

You may see two identical thumbnails after VRfix injection in the YouTube upload gallery, the latest one, the uppermost left thumbnail is the reinjected video.

It does not work! I uploaded my video to YouTube after VRfix and it is still flat.

After successful injection of spherical video and upload to YouTube you may experience a delay between publication of the video and YouTube displaying it with spherical controls. VRfix cannot control this delay.

In our experience it can several minutes and sometimes upto 10 minutes for YouTube to display the video correctly.

If you want us to take a closer look at your video, please use the Feedback tab here on this page or from within the app to contact the team.

We have yet to be sent a spherical video from any VRfix user that was not possible to reinject and successfully display on YouTube with 360º controls.

I have waited for YouTube and the video is still flat. Something is not right.

In this case, please ensure you are using a compatible computer and browser, check that you are using the HTML5 version of YouTube by visting this YouTube test page.

If you are using Windows, you may have hardware acceleration disabled. Instructions how to enable it for Windows 7 and 8 are available on this page.

On the same page, there are helpful instructions how to enable hardware acceleration in Chrome.

I need spatial audio support, 3D stereo and more reinjection options

If you need more metadata reinjection options and further information for 360º video uploading to YouTube, check out the YouTube help for 360º video.

I've got a question not answered here!

OK, contact the VRfix team from the app or from the website using the Feedback tab. It's in the help part of the app and also positioned at the bottom of this web page.

OK, who are you and what else do you in the VR and 360º world?

Thanks for asking. We are Everywoah.

We're on a roll serving the 360º video and VR industry.

What's the meta with Robert De Niro?

Nothing is the matter with De Niro the actor, but something is the meta with De Niro, the film lover.

So apart from Robert's performances in the play list below, he is also an avid admirer of VR film making. Check out De Niro's interview about his solitary confinement virtual reality experience.

What's the meta?

It's got nothing to do with your Vorsprung durch Technik.

VRfix for #mojo


VRfix - stay spherical go #mojo360
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